Alkotás Point Office Building

Budapest, 2002


Architecture: Richárd Hőnich, Ybl Prize laureate architect, Ferenc Keller, Ybl Prize laureate architect, Ferenc Cságoly, Ybl Prize laureate architect

Contributors: László Szabó, Zsolt Szendrei, Ferenc Tündik


The location is Budapest’s south-western gate, above the BAH junction, along Alkotás Street. The three-segment volume of the building becomes denser as it nears the BAH junction, and culminates in three vertical glass blades. Beaming with power and illuminated at night, this thirty-metre high “barcode” is an emblem of the city, its symbolic gate. Designed with the drivers’ point of view in mind, the complex is suggestive of dynamism and power in a scene that is dominated by traffic. As one moves towards the junction, its appearance gradually transforms, solidity giving way to transparency, a horizontal structuring to vertical.


Photography: Attila Polgár