Csév Street residential building

Budapest, 2007


Architecture: Tamás Tomay Ybl Prize laureate architect


Instead of the usual 4-unit multi-family house, we built four detached houses with separate gardens on the elongated, narrow, irregular leftover plot in Pasarét. The houses are connected by a basement level with an underground tunnel providing access for the residents of each house to their own cellar/garage. Lined up uphill behind one another, the houses are almost imperceptibly different variations of a basic formal type. The orientation of two houses is the same, the third and fourth slightly turned at different angles, breaking the strict order and thus conforming to the irregular shape of the plot. The cladding of the houses and the fence walls are made of visible brickwork, the regularity of which is loosened by inserted concrete elements, suited to the heterogeneous architecture of the build-in.



Photography: Tamás Bujnovszky