DVD factory

Törökbálint, 2005


Architecture: Attila Turi Ybl Prize laureate architect

Contributing architect: Gábor B. Szabó


The manufacturing plant constructed by Doumper&Beaumont Kft. at the Törökbálint industrial park produces data storage media out of a supplied granulate and special additives, which they then load with content ordered by the distributors. The ground floor of the building, the technological wing, comprises – in the order of the manufacturing process – raw material storage, manufacturing apparatus and printer, packaging and finished goods storage. The printing facility is aligned parallel with these. The public area of the building opens from the opposite direction, with a representative foyer to receive employees and clients.

The offices are on the first floor above the foyer, giving onto the Buda hills towards the north and to an accessible green roof above the printing and packaging facilities. The building adapts to the sloping terrain so as to conform to the technological requirements, while the hall is an inverse continuation of the terrain. The production facilities, service units and public, representative areas are joined by a contiguous architecture that corresponds to their respective functions. The dual, complementary use of materials frames the two building parts into a unified composition. Taking into consideration the complementary characteristics of the two materials, the canopies and mouldings of the brick-clad entrance section are made of DOMICO® sheets, while the pillars of the canopy and the plinth are made of Rőben bricks. The wall of the foyer is the reinterpretation of a CD-cover, with 60cm long glass bodies of different widths puncturing the wall like the pits that carry the data on an optical disk.


Photography: György Dénes