One of Budapest’s largest rust zones, the nearly 100 hectares of the Rákos Marshalling Yard have serious potentials for the extension of the city’s green space system. In addition to providing a concept plan for the open space architecture of the 50-hectare main part, the diploma plan also includes proposals for the revitalization of the area’s functions and transport infrastructure. The large, multifunctional open spaces allow the museums to organize open-air events, and the visitors to use them freely as parks. By keeping the available built and natural assets, and by moving the Museum of Transport and the Exhibit of Aerospace History next to the Hungarian Railway Museum, a Transport Theme Park could be created, which, thanks to its green environment and ease of access, could be an important element of Budapest’s green space system and a catalyst for the development of the district.

Dóra Csizmadia’s diploma work, 2013

Thesis advisor: Péter István Balogh, MSc, landscape architect, associate professor

Winner of the diploma awards of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects and the Hungarian Society for Urban Planning