The comprehensive revitalization of the public spaces at the Országbíró housing project in the 13th District was completed in July 2012. The overhaul and extension of the recreation facilities, the creation of an original, quality look for the public spaces, environment consciousness and cooperation with the public were top priorities for the investor, the Municipality of the 13th District. The purpose of the project was to create an elegant promenade from Béke Square towards Árpád Bridge, with a particular attention to the rest and recreation needs of local residents. The rejuvenation of the open spaces has considerably boosted the prestige of the neighbourhood, and the value of property in the area. The formerly disjointed and neglected public gardens, squares and walks have been replaced with a system of open spaces that turns the area into a residential park in the true sense of the word, with multiple uses, a great functionality, and the ability to satisfy the recreation needs of those who live here.

Senior landscape architect: Péter Gábor
Designer partners: Dóra Pálffy, Krisztina Szarka – Kert-Szín-Vonal Kft.
Investor: 13th District Municipality
Realization: 2012