Palace of Arts

Budapest, 2005


Reverberation Chambers – technology and functionality


Congress and Cultural Centre, Saint Petersburg, 2011 (never realized)


General plan, architectural design: Zoboki-Demeter & Associates Architects

Senior architects: Gábor Zoboki DLA habil., Ybl Prize laureate architect, János Erőss, Csaba Silvester

Coordinating architect: Zoltán Turi

Architectural design: Nóra Demeter DLA, Richárd Borzák, Imre Császár, Gábor Szatmári, Gyula V. Szabó, Róbert Benke, Botond Dobos, Tamás Torda-Molnár, Csaba Valkai, Móni Simon, Péter Bordás

Contributing designers: Studio G, CCC+Bogner, Stokplan, D Kettő Statikus Iroda, Duo Plan, Villes, Aft-Akusztika, Gastroplan, Gebei és Társa, Technoart, Artec, Közlekedési Kft.

Industrial design: György Jovánovics, Sándor Ambus, Anna Baróthy, Lívia Dombi, Éva Magyar, Zoltán Merényi, Eleonóra Balogh, György Buczkó

Pro Architectura Prize


The architect profession has two faces: one is the humane, drawn towards the ideas, which is reconsidering the existential conditions of mankind all the time, that of the creator who worries about the environment, and the other is the materialistic, who has the world of technical knowledge in his power. To have good architecture, both of these abilities or the aspiration to have them must be present at high level. In this complex, and extremely changing environment that we work in today, one must be especially empathic in order to carry out one’s architectural tasks at a high level. We believe in the transfer of ideas and experience from generation to generation, and that design is team work – therefore only a diverse and open circle of constructive people can provide high level, creative and high-spirited responses to the questions of more and more complex tasks.


Gábor Zoboki DLA habil. and Nóra Demeter DLA


Photography: Tamás Bujnovszky