Telenor House

Törökbálint, 2008


Connections – innovation and communication
Citadel Cable Car, Budapest, 2014 (in design consultation phase)

Senior designer: Gábor Zoboki DLA habil., Ybl Prize laureate architect
Coordinating architect: Zoltán Turi
Architectural design: Péter Böhler, Richárd Borzák, János Erőss, Endre Finta, Márton Mazzag, Gábor Szatmári, Sporaarchitects Kft.

According to Lajos Zalaváry, Gábor Zoboki’s master, architects have to be careful not to keep on redrawing their diploma work all their lives long… “Deaf architects, blind acoustic engineers”. This splendid little essay – intended to introduce architects to the wonderful science of acoustics – helps in truly understanding that our profession entails lifelong learning. Innovation and architecture are twins.
We have to convince our contemporaries that architects represent imagination and vitality. They have a mission and to this end, constantly renewed professional knowledge, communicational skills and cooperation are essential.

/Gábor Zoboki DLA habil. and Nóra Demeter DLA/

Photography: Tamás Bujnovszky, Attila Polgár, Tamás Réthey-Prikkel