The development of this property by the Danube was begun by Graphisoft, the company responsible for ArchiCad, the internationally successful architectural software. Thanks to research and development, the related education, and the historical and natural heritage of the area, the former gasworks has been transformed into an office park that is unique in Budapest.

Three phases were employed to implement the open-space design of the 3.2-hectare area, which concerned the central section of the park, the reception area, and the environment of the historic buildings.
• The intensive central section functions as a space for events, meetings, lectures and recreation. With a waterfall tumbling from a blade wall, and a terraced bank, the lake is a favourite with the park community.
• A sculptural homage to Ernő Rubik’s world-famous Cube can be found in a green space sunken into the ground outside the university block, an open space created during the renovation of the historic buildings of the former gasworks.
• The space between the old buildings, which has its own, peculiar atmosphere, will serve the communal activities of the students. The environment, which reflects on the education inside the buildings, owes its inspirational feel to basalt paving stones, fair-faced concrete benches with Corian tops, and the old plane trees.

Senior landscape architect: György Szloszjár (Garten Studio Kft.)
Designer partners: Eszter Szentes née Dandé, Zoltán Stéhli
Architecture: Vikár és Lukács Építész Iroda, KJT Építész Stúdió
Realization: 2008–2014