Market Székház

Budapest, 2009


Senior designer: Sándor Dúzs (ArkTOON), Schön Építész Iroda

Contributors to architectural design: József Schön, József Balics, Luca Bodó, Tamás Havasi, Eszter Tatár, Zoltán Kerényi


An outlying district in Buda. Even within it, it is difficult to spot. A dynamic, farsighted general contractor company wanted to have its headquarters in this district of diverse functions, and wanted to make it a landmark. The simple, honest solution – due to the characterlessness of the immediate built environment – was to carve a piece out space.

The principle is abstract, yet clear and easy to understand if the element that does the carving is strong enough to fill the translucent space it embraces with a new sense.

How can this be attained? Simply.

First, take a shell, dip it in the environment, then close the two ends with a veil, a glass wall. Secondly, take all secondary functions – storage and sanitary facilities – out of the space, and attach them to the walls of the shell, or push them below ground level.

The result is a building into which life is take by the user, who will fill the space with his knowledge, his love of building, his professional attitude. He is to provide this space with its centre of gravity, with the force that brings order to it.

In the spirit of creating invisible values, this building features instruments that ensure it is sustainable: from the use of grey water, through a heat retaining mass and smart illumination control, to the utilization of solar energy.

Photography: Attila Glázer