Music Academy

Budapest, 2013

General plan: MNDP Építőművészeti Kft.
Architecture: Éva Magyari Ybl Prize laureate architect, Béla Pazár Ybl Prize laureate architect – MNDP Kft., Ferenc Potzner Ybl Prize laureate architect – Közti Zrt.
Art history expert: Ferenc Dávid

The goal of the full renovation decided in 2003 was to renew the old values of the Music Academy in their original condition while complying with today’s requirements to best serve the world-famous Hungarian music culture, including the highest level of education and concerts. Therefore, spaces directly serving these two main functions had to be fashioned in the existing spatial structure of the building, thus preserving the duly praised and customary atmosphere of the supremely ornamented concert hall and foyer.
Several indispensable activities serving concert life and education were delegated to another nearby building. In order for the lesser-known but similarly valuable educational spaces of the building on Liszt Ferenc Square to function properly, the surrounding background spaces such as the basement, the attic, the light courts next to the firewall of the neighbouring house and the two courtyards of the building, already built in, had to be reconstructed.
The majority of the work had to be done “behind the scenes”, often by tearing down and reconstructing said “scenes”, posing a special challenge to the planners and constructors. Throughout the renovation, at once authentic and modern solutions had to be found for almost every problem, from reinforcing the foundations through diverse technical and acoustic solutions to the restoration of gold coatings and hundred-years-old velvet curtains.

Photography: József Hajdú